Mail Labels won't use a address database

Hi - I have used a LO database for doing address labels for several years in the Windows-7 environment. This summer I migrated to Linux Mint to avoid doing Windows-10. LibreOffice is installed as part of the default Mint distro and I have had no problems with it up until now.

When I go to the Label option (New → Labels) it brings up the standard input screen. I can add the brand and type of label I’m using to print on just fine. However I am unable to specify a data base to use as a source. I’m not allowed to browse and the only allowable entry is some sample bibliography database. So game over at this point since I cannot use a source of my choosing.

This is on Linux Mint 17.2 (the distro defaults) as of the summer of 2015.
LibreOffice info is ver build id 40m0(Build: 2)

So the holiday cards are waiting to be sent out and I really don’t want to address them all by hand - help!

Is the database you are using for the addresses registered?

In Tools > Options > LibreOffice Base > Databases - check that your database is in the list of Registered Databases> If not add the database.