Mail Merge: can I include a database field in the file name?

I want to include a database-field when saving mail merge results to individual files.

I have read references to ticking an option “Generate file name from database” in the mail-merge wizard - However I don’t find any such option in LibreOffice Version

  • Has it been removed?
  • Is there a secret syntax to refer to database fields in the file-name selection dialog?


You can use FilePrint to do you mail merge.

  • Writer asks: *You document contains address database fields. Do you want to print a form?*▸Yes
  • Output: File
  • Save Merged Document: Save as individual documents
  • Tick Generate file name from database
  • Select the field to use


Great, thanks for the hint - didn’t know the functionality was available from there as well! I had to update LibreOffice to avoid a crash when saving the merged documents.

Unfortunately, when saving to PDF there, hidden paragraphs are not hidden before saving.

Workaround: First save to ODT, then use loffice --convert-to pdf *.odt.

What a pity this vital function is hidden under the print menu rather than on the Mail Merge Save menu where it rightfully belongs