Mail Merge Colour Cell LO

I have a writer document, linked to a calc spreasheet connected trough libreoffice database, its a “mail merge” document, with different fields.
I am wondering if it is possible to print in the writer document a given colour that is assigned in the calc spreadsheet? Does libreoffice has this feature? I already tested and in didn`t work.
I am using LO
Paulo André

The formatting properties are not data. The Mail merge feature not use the colors of the “database” stored in a Calc file.
Never use the colors or other formatting properties as some data.

Thank you @Zizi64 ,

From your words i understand that LO has no such possibility.

Thank you

A workaround (in my opinion it is a wasted time…):

You can write your own “mail merge” feature. You can “Copy - Paste special - (choose a format)…” the preformatted cells (as an image, as a GDI file, as a Rich Text format text, etc…) into the created letters one by one - automatically by your macro.