mail merge crashes

I’m building a mail merge doc with LO Calc and LO Writer. I’ve developed a LO Calc Spreadsheet with all data input. I then open LO Writer and open the Mail Merge feature to insert the Calc fields in the Writer doc. I then need to edit the LO Writer doc fields to rearrange, etc where they need to be and try to edit them in the MailMerge Wizard. LO then crashes and I have no choice but to close LO and start all over. I’ve done this many times now with the same results. How can I get LO Calc and Writer to play nice and work with each other in generating a seamless mail merge??

I am having the same problem. Error id BEX64 in application soffice.bin, ver Running windows 8.1 with all updates. Malwarebytes scan and 1 file quarantined. Shut down and reboot and also a restart has not corrected the problem. This crash occurs in LO ver 6.4.5 and ver 7.0.0

What are your operating system and LibreOffice versions?

The easiest to provide this is to paste the contents of Help > About LibreOffice.

If you can, also try with a more recent version of LibreOffice that is still supported, for example 7.1