mail merge labels MS Word template

I create membership cards for an organization. I have been using MS Word, and have a Word template for the card which includes all formatting, an image, and the merge fields for name etc. I haven’t been able to recreate that in LibreOffice and successfully do the merge.

I have been able to get the data from the spreadsheet into a LibreOffice database and use the fields.

Any help greatly appreciated!



Forget the Word template!

Word and Writer handle spacing elements differently, so any document from one of the applications, relying on precise positioning - like labels or a sheet with punchout card(s) - will be off when used in the other app.

Use the labels wizard, File - New - Labels. If that doesn’t work, create your own template “from ground up”. If it is a sheet with multiple cards, set margins to zero and use a table with fixed width/heigth for the cells. If you have one card as a punchout somewhere on a sheet, use a frame for that. Avoid copying anything from Word, if at all possible.

Thanks for the input. I suspected creating a new template in LO from scratch would be the best solution, I was just hoping to make it a little easier. I will work on the custom template.


OK, I have developed a new template from scratch, using the labels format. I have created the merge and all looks well, except that each of the names in the list is printed in every label on a page. Six names, six pages, each with all 10 labels having the same name. How do I get it to merge one name per card rather than per page? I hope that is clear enough. Thanks again for the help.