Mail merge loses field connections

I create a simple mail merge, print my letters, save and exit.
I go back into the same letter and try to re-print the same batch but I get the error “the connection to the data sources XXXX cannot be established”. To work-around this issue, I must re-connect all fields from the same table into the respective fields in the same Writer document.
This isn’t just one document I have the problem with - it’s every single mail merge I’ve created. I never exit(ed) a document before getting my letters perfectly printed the first time because I knew I would lose my field mappings.

I see the issue was brought up in a similar form in this thread: link text

I speak in past-tense in the previous paragraphs because I’ve had to switch to OpenOffice until this issue is resolved in LibreOffice. I know OpenOffice is a deprecated code stream, but it works in my workflow. I’d like to switch back - does anyone know the solution?

LibreOffice (latest Linux Deb/Ubuntu version)
Pop OS 20.10


Have looked at the link you provided and your question and have not experienced this in all previous testing to my recollection. Have been working on another answer with mail merge over the last two days and again no problem. Do not see any Bug report on this (only a quick look done). My current system is Ubuntu 20.04 Mate with LO v but have used on various other systems.

If you have problems report here → Bugzilla

I appreciate the reply. I wondered why I haven’t seen more recent complaints about this, so it might be something to do with my specific environment…though I’m pretty darn vanilla Linux. Sometime in the next day or two I’ll play with it in a VM to see if I get the same issue. I’m Gnome DE, maybe that means something…I’ll have to test…


Also retested, after posting my comment, with spreadsheet attached to Base and new Writer doc. During the test modified one of the defined ranges in the spreadsheet to include more rows.

Writer doc picked up the change without incident.