mail merge prints first page fine, then cuts top inch off other pages

Ubuntu 16.04 (64bit) on a Toshiba laptop, Latest LibreOffice version, Epson WF-4037 AIO and everything is up to date.
As an experienced computer tech and network engineer, this one has me baffled.
I have a two page document using the printer’s duplex function to print the second page on the reverse of the first.
The mail merge fields are only present on the first page and it prints perfectly on the first document. All subsequent documents have the entire letter shifted upward on the page cutting off the first inch of a JPG (letterhead image) anchored to the top of the page just below the margin. Page settings are acting weird for the second page and sometimes appear as an envelope although the second page was inserted using Page Break. I have to print over 400 letters and while running the paper through the printer twice may be a quick work-around I want to get it working properly if at all possible. Both the ODF and ODS files are native on the laptop and printing duplex does not appear to be the issue as the first page comes out perfectly.

I had a similar problem when I was using frames on the second page and the frame was below the last line of text. To remedy it I added blank lines so they extended to the bottom of the second page. I hope this works for you.