mail merge use case with 4 requirements.

I am using LO (x64) on Windows 10.
I am trying to do a mail merge with the following requirements, and didn’t succeed so far.

  • requirement 1: apply a filter to the data source.
  • requirement 2: mail merge output the filtered records as individual documents.
  • requirement 3: generate the file names from database.
  • requirement 4: hide paragraphs if the data field is empty.

I know 2 ways to output mail merge :

  1. clicking on the “general” print icon (or pressing Ctrl P) : I answer “yes” to the pop up “Your document contains address database fields. Do you want to print a form letter?”. Doing so, I can apply a filter, output to file, save as individual documents, generate the file names form the database (satisfying requirements 1, 2 and 3), but the paragraphs are not hidden if a data field is empty.

  2. clicking on the “save Merged Documents” icon on the mail merge toolbar : doing so, I can only satisfy requirements 2 and 4 : the filter set in the data Source (Ctrl+Maj+F4) is not applied (all records are outputted) and there is no option to generate file names from the database (requirement 3).

Question : is there a way in LibreOffice mail merge to satisfy all 4 requirements ?