Mail Merge Version 7.1

In version 7.1 am not able to complete mail merge. When I get to the print step (after being asked if this is a form letter), LibreOffice crashes and offers to send notification of crash. system locks up and have to use task manager to free system.

Have version 7.0 on my laptop and it works.

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I too have had this problem on Windows 10 (up to date).

It does not crash with the most recent 7.2.x version on systems that used to crash with older versions.

If you try and setup mail merge with Apple Mail in LO Preferences the normal way it will either give you an error message or hang requiring a force quit and restart of LO. This is due to the Apple Security Protocols. To properly set up LO with Apple Mail you need to first go to this website:

Apple Manage ID’s

Then log in with you Apple ID and Password (email address & PSW) and click on “App-Specific Passwords”. Then click on the plus sign (+) to the right of the word “Passwords” and set up an Apple specific password for LibreOffice. Copy it is and save it somewhere as once you close the window you will not be able to see it again but will have to setup a new one as Apple hides it forever. Then use the APP password you have created for Apple Mail in LO to set up the SMTP server in LO Writer preferences. If this seems unfriendly and complicated, it is not LO’s fault as Apple no longer makes such things easy or user friendly.