Mailmerge - fails on network drive

UPDATE 2018-04-10: PLEASE IGNORE THIS QUESTION. The problem was dependent on the local installation of LibreOffice.

It seems that my setup of LibreOffice (current version, running on Ubuntu 16.04) will malfunction during mail merge operations if the writer document is on my network drive. I have observed that if I copy the same document to my desktop or even a USB stick, that the mail merge will work properly. I am using LibreOffice formats for the the spreadsheet containing the data for mail merge and the document itself (i.e. ods and odt).

Workaround: Copy the document to my desktop or home and then do the mail merge - easy!

Steps to reproduce:
— create a LO spreadsheet with two columns and enter column names in the top row and some data in a few rows underneath, then save in a network drive.

  • create a LO document

  • insert two fields as follows

  • go to Insert > Field > More Fields

  • in the dialog box, select Database

  • click the Browse… button to navigate to and select the spreadsheet.

  • This will add the file to the “Database selection” list

  • ensure that “Mail merge fields” is selected in the “Type” list

  • navigate through the “Database selection” to the spreadsheet and then the fields/columns within it.

  • click “Insert” to insert first field and repeat for second field.

  • save document on the same network drive

  • close document

  • copy document to the desktop

  • open the desktop version of the document and attempt to conduct a mail merge

  • expected result: SUCCESS - actual result: SUCCESS

  • close all documents

  • open network drive version of the document and repeat mail merge process

  • expected result: SUCCESS - actual result: FAILURE

Please file bug reports on bug tracker. Bug reports are off-topic here.

I found this problem did not occur with the same files on another computer with the same OS and LibreOffice version, so the problem must relate to the particular installation. Please ignore this question.