Mailmerge not working (LO on Ubuntu 20.04)


I’m trying to use mail merge to generate certificates that have an image background. The names (and emails, although emails are not used in the certificate) are in a Calc spreadsheet.

In the main document, I added the image as a page background (as a Bitmap on the Page Style dialog). I then added the spreadsheet as a Data Source (using Edit | Exchange Data Source). In the main document, I used Insert | Fields | Other fields to locate the data source, and the Tab within the spreadsheet, and inserted the “Name” field from the spreadsheet. It appears as on the page.

Next, I tried to run the Mailmerge Wizard, using “Same Document”, “Letter” and skipping the “Insert address block” and “Create salutation” and clicking on “Finish”.

Nothings happens at this point…the dialog just closes. Where am I going wrong?

Thanks in advance.



Following your steps, got to the adding fields:

Next your Mail Merge steps and click “Finish” presents:

Screenshot at 2021-12-02 11-58-31

Notice the added toolbar with green arrows (on my Linux system) for scrolling. To next record presents:

Screenshot at 2021-12-02 11-58-50