Mailmerge produces no output

Mailmerge in Writer produces no output (to printer or to file) for new or modified mail merge documents unless the document is in the same folder as the registered database AND this folder is the current working directory. So mailmerge produces no output when Writer is launched from the desktop menu or from a panel icon (launcher) - it only works when the document has been opened by double-clicking on it directly in the system file browser.

The mailmerge dialog proceeds normally without error messages - just no output is generated.

Older mailmerge documents (pre 2016) don’t exhibit this issue, they produce normal output.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

I can’t see anything like it in this forum so I’d appreciate any thoughts.

Using LO v5.1.3.2 which I upgraded from v4 a few months ago, with OpenSuse 13.2.

Found my own solution - delete/recreate the user profile. Now mailmerge is back to working normally, so there was presumably some corruption somewhere.