mailmerge toolbar even not required

It’s a nightmare these last days: always this mailmerge toolbar in the midst of the librewriter window: how can I get rid of it?

Navigate to View - Toolbars - MailMerge. This toggles the visibility (when it’s on, it will go to off, when it’s off, it will go to on).

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Thanks. Of course this is the first thing I tried. But, unfortunately, unsuccessfully.

If that doesn’t work, then it sounds like a user profile corruption - try Safe Mode and if it doesn’t appear in safe mode, reset your LibreOffice user profile to factory settings.

For me it appears everywhere with LO v7.1.3.2 - even on editing Base forms. Got to be some type of bug. Turn off the tool bar & next time it is right back.

Doesn’t happen on my version.

hmm… it’s not a bug, it’s my tdf#141015. It means that the document has an associated database, even without database fields.

This may be a case of: “When you open a window, fresh air gets in. When somebody else does, it creates a draught.” :=)

Hm! I think that this could be a bug, if there isn’t other solution than delete a profile…

Deleting the profile won’t help. I suppose I need to revert. It seems to cause much pain.

Have spent the better part of the day looking into this. Have multiple problems. Turns out my default Writer template had a database attached to it. I recognize it from some mail merge testing I had done in the past but no idea how it got into the template. With the aid of tdf#141015 was able to see how to fix a Writer document.

The main problem comes in with Base and forms which are based upon a Writer document. The settings.xml file which needs to be modified is in each individual forms directory and on the surface this is not a name related to the form itself. Additionally, beside looking for CurrentDatabaseDataSource, I needed to look for and correct CurrentDatabaseCommand.

I would prefer if tdf#141015 was NOT reverted as this gives me information which I was not aware of before. The problem I have is not knowing what else may be causing problems not yet seen. Additionally it would be extremely helpful to others not able to do what I can to have some solution.

@Ratslinger: thanks, your feedback was useful, and proves my intention. However, I still have reverted it, and it will not be in the next release, since it’s unrealistic to expect your reasonable approach from most users. And most of all - we need a tool to cleanup, not tell users to open XML and do the cleanup manually. Unfortunately I can’t afford to create that at the moment.


I understand reverting. My cleanup (still not complete) is tedious. Three different incidents. The ‘tool’, to me, is not straight forward. There were some files where one item needed deletion but another was legit (in Base forms).