Maintain same password when using "Save As"

When saving a document using the “Save As” feature, I can select the option to “Save with password”. If I want to save a document which already has a password, how do I keep that password without having to re-enter it when I save it? I know LibreOffice stores that data somewhere because it does not re-prompt for a password when saving the document in-place.

Not possible because it is very important, when saving with a password, to be aware that you do that. Indeed if you lose the password your document is not recoverable anymore.

I too have this concern… I use a calc file with a password and save-as a weekly backup.
My disappointment is that I must REMEMBER to insert the password check mark every time.
My other disappointment is having to enter the password which should have be transferred from the original file in my opinion.

Love the products… keep doing your usual great work… we DO APPRECIATE YOU.