Make a function that will ignore diacritic/accented characters.

I need to use a match function but it must ignore characters like “ą”, “ó”…

for example it should match “Adamów” to “Adamów” and also “Adamow” to “Adamów”

Is it possible to make such a function? I don’t know how…

You need to use service, and in struct passed to its setOptions you need to put in transliterateFlags.

How to do it? Where i can find it?

This is a sample user-definned function implemented in LibreOffice Basic (its name refers to “Equals Diacritic-Insensitive”):

function EqualsDI(s1 as string, s2 as string) as boolean
  dim oOp as new, oSearch as object, r as object
  with oOp
    .algorithmType =
    .transliterateFlags =
    .searchString = "^\Q" & Replace(s1, "\E", "\E\\E\Q", 1, -1, 0) & "\E$"
  end with
  oSearch = CreateUnoService("")
  r = oSearch.searchForward(s2, 0, Len(s2))
  EqualsDI = r.subRegExpressions = 1
end function

Or a better variant:

function EqualsDI(s1 as string, s2 as string) as boolean
  dim oLoc as new, oTr as object
  oTr = CreateUnoService("")
  oTr.loadModule(, oLoc)
  EqualsDI = oTr.compareString(s1, s2) = 0
end function

It can be used in Calc like

=EqualsDI(A1; A2)

and when A1 has Adamów, and A2 has Adamow, it will give TRUE.

i got error when i try to run your better variant

“The argument is not optional.”

You did not write what is your formula actually; and on which line the error is. Also it’s unclear if you could make some typing error in the macro; and also what is in the cells the formula may refer to. So nothing that I can answer.

i can’t run

=EqualsDI(A1; A2)

beacuse when i try to run macron it throw basic language error

Could you post a link to screenshot showing your cells, the error message, and the macro code? You may post the screenshot e.g. to