Make a rounded-edge rectangle border in Writer with multiple lines?

I want to make a three-line rounded-edge rectangular border for my LibreOffice Writer document.

Here’s a screenshot from InDesign of the same concept:

Is there any way to approximate this in LibreOffice Writer?

The “Line Styles” choices under “Text Box and Shape” don’t allow for this; I’ve opened a feature enhancement about it:

But maybe there is a workaround I’m not aware of?

You can prepare a picture and insert it as a background in header or footer of the page style.

For paragraphs that’s a bit trickier because the picture needs to be scaled to paragraph size and this will ruin the nice circular corner (making it elliptical).

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And this picture can be a SVG vector drawing, which @Weildcard could prepare in ID or Inkscape. Just make sure each rectangle has its proper custom page-size (not lost in the middle of a huge A4 page).