Make all bulleted text in Impress always reveal one bullet point at a time, regardless of depth

When I make a slide using bulleted points, the reason I make separate bullet points is that I want them to be revealed separately.

I know that I can go into “Effect Options” in the animation and set it to “by 3rd level paragraphs” or whatever. But I don’t want to do that on every single one.

What I want is to set ONE option so that ALL bullet points on ALL slides in ALL Impress presentations ALWAYS appear one by one, regardless of whether they are first, second, third, fourth, fifth, or five-hundredth level in depth. Every bullet point animated separately, always.

I would ideally like to set this as the default for all of the “auto-text” frames or whatever they’re called (the auto-bulleted frames that are created by default in new slides), so that I don’t even have to set a custom animation for each slide. I want it so EVERY such auto-bulleted text box in EVERY slide in EVERY presentation ALWAYS is set to animate EVERY bullet point separately. I don’t ever want to have to set any setting for how bullet points animate; I only ever use bullet points because I specifically want to animate them this way, and it is really annoying to have to tell LibreOffice this for every text box on every slide.

How can I achieve this?

I second this. If a global solution is complicated at leat one at Master slide level would be great.

I also second this - it would be very valuable to have master pages with specific text animations, such as “1st paragraph level + dim” and “2dn paragraph level + dim”.
That way it would be easy to change a slide to either animation type.

In the meantime, is any script possible to set this for a slide?