Make default option of text style as Times new roman while copy and pasting text

In our report, we have to follow the Times new roman format/style for writing the report. So if i copy paste the text from some other text file or from website (Wikipedia, etc.,) the text that gets copied is in different formats of writing style, and again i have to manually change it to Times new roman format which is cumbersome since sometimes due to spacing etc., there will be many variations.
So how to set the default option in my libreimpress office such that even if i copy text from other source and then paste into my impress office, the text should get copied as times new roman font only.
Is there any option available to make it like this…??
Thank you

When you copy from other sources, specially from the web, the best option is to paste without format: this way the text will follow the local style. Do that either by Edit → Paste without format (on older versions was Edit → Paste Special → Without format) or with the 4-key keyboard shortcut Ctrl Alt Shift V.