make figures counter not restarting after page break

My document is divided into several chapters (heading 1), each one separated by a page break. The page number is correctly set in the footer, but I have a problem keeping the index of figures. Indeed I’d like the figures counter not restarting after a page break.

For examples, now I have

Fig. 1


Fig. 9

now there’s a page break so the next one is

Fig 1

again, although I want it to be

Fig 10

Is there a way to achieve this?

Firstly I configured automatic figure caption, then I disabled it but the outcome hasn’t changed.

Please edit your question for the following information:

  • “section”: is this the common usage to designate a part of your document? Is this a Writer section created with Insert>Section?

    Anyway, describe how you create this “section” and what you start it with, such as a Heading 1 paragraph. Is there any specific or manual formatting attached to this first paragraph, such as a page break?

  • Is the figure caption automatic? If so, what are the parameters?

Don’t use an answer: this is a Question & Answer site, not a forum and there is nothing like a thread or conversation.

You edited the question but did not answer the questions.

Are your “sections” in fact chapters beginning with a Heading 1-styled paragraph? Have you configured the automatic caption device to number “per chapter”?

If you don’t perceive the importance of these questions and a detailed answer, edit once again the question to attach a 2-page sample for technical analysis. The file-attach tool is the paperclip.