Make style start only on right page?

I’m formatting a book in which chapter headings have the style Heading 1. I edited this style to insert a page break before, so every chapter starts on a new page. So far so good.

Now this will go to print, and I want chapters to always start on a right page. This means sometimes an extra blank page will be required.

I don’t want to go inserting manual page breaks every time one is needed; is there any way to set up the style (or anything else) such as Heading 1 is always on a right page?

This is a function for the Page Style, rather than a paragraph style. The Page Style gives you a PAGE LAYOUT setting. I use a Page Style to start a new chapter which is then linked to the normal page style. You can select only left, only right, both right and left and mirrored. The latter is particularly useful if you want pages numbers on say the outside of each page.

The Writer Guide Chapter 4 - Formatting Pages is particularly useful as a guide to most layout issues you are likely to encounter. I find the Writer manual invaluable… Peter