Making a distribution

Hi! I working in a soft that uses LibreOffice to generate SpreadSheets and more. My question is, how can I distribute it? Our clients refuces to download the LibreOffice installer. It could be possible to send only the necesary files? I can’t found information about what components need to be registered.
Thank you very much!

Ps: We use LibreOffice API to interact from Delphi

@Agus 1) Which Operating System are you using? 2) Does any one person (or group of people) have access to all the computers you are trying to install to? 3) Why is LibreOffice not installing? If they already have Microsoft Office installed, you can save as a Microsoft file before sending if they are not using 2007 or later. (ODF support came in Office 2007).

  1. Our system is for Windows. 2) No. 3)Because our clients doesnt know libreOffice, they use MsOffice.

Our soft uses MSOffice API to generate reports and we want to change to LibreOffice api becaus our clients sometimes doesnt wanna pay an Office license

It seems hard to develop a solution when your client doesn’t really want to adopt one crucial component of the said solution. Nevertheless, consider delivering your solution paired with LibreOffice Portable.

Is this question from the licence standpoint, e.g can you distribute LibO installer which is under GPL together with your not GPL-compatible program?

You can remove features/applications by editing the installation file (.MSI file) and creating MST transform.

For example you can set Level to 200 in Features table for gm_p_Draw and gm_p_Math, if you want to disable Draw and Math.

However, LibreOffice is a monolithic application, not a bundle of different applications like MS Office. Not installing components will not save much disk space.

Regarding distribution, i guess, LibreOffice is very flexible.

(If you are looking for rebranding/customizing LibreOffice let me know. I have been looking for the same.)