Making a double line graph with proper data in Libre Office Calc

Libre Office Calc
OS: Linux Mint 17 (qiana)

I’m trying to learn to make graphs in Libre Office Calc. I thought for exercise, it would be easy to start with a graph showing the depreciation of a new car over time. I would like to graph the mileage on the X-axis, the car value with one line on a y-axis, and the percentage depreciation on the other Y-axis on the right side of the graph. So there will be 2 different colored lines that correspond to two scales – Y-axis (right) and Y-axis (left)

I cannot get the spreadsheet to use the proper data. I’ve been all over help forums and the wiki and still no luck.

Note that I’m not trying to graph the data in the “$'s Depreciated” column, but the other 3 columns, I would like them to be on the graph.

Thank you for any help.

Edit: I notice that I have the formulas wrong in the spreadsheet, but that shouldn’t have any effect on the graph I’m trying to make.

Is this what you are looking for?
Adding a second Y axis, assigning percent data series to it.
Sample file

image description

How exactly can I add a second Y axis and assign different scale to it? I have a table with two data columns, one is count, other is sum. I’ve assigned count to secondary Y axis and changed scale of the main one but sums won’t show up on the graph.

Douible click on the chart, then Menu/Insert/Axis or right-click insert/delete axes.

I hate to have to point out that there is, in fact, no answer here to the OP’s question. It is possible to add a 2nd Y axis, but no obvious way to attach data to it. And, the graph immediately above uses 3 sets of Y values, and nowhere is there any hint as to how one can arrange that.