Making an eps graphic - missing a step in converting .odg to .eps

I used to know how to do this and am missing a step … I am creating a scalable logo out of very simple company name, two lines of (text) and a single graphic line in between. After grouping these items together, I’m unsure on the next step to turn that grouping into a .eps file for use in Photoshop. I have tried exporting to .eps but that makes the entire page an .eps rather than just the grouped elements within the page an .eps.

I know I have done this correctly in the past as I have examples of opening a Libre.eps file and only the logo is selectable not the entire page - so I’m obviously missing a step or two.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is that Selection checkbox on Export dialog that is missing?

Thank you Mike!

Did you mark the grouping?

And did you put a check mark in “Selection” when you saved?

Sorry for my German-UI.

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Thank you ebot!