Making and Sharing Custom Label Formats

I was able to make new business cards/Labels and set all my settings. Then I saved as Brand=“MyCompanyName” Type=“MyLabelType”

I wanted to share this with some other people in my organization so they could use it to make our labels’ graphics assets and print them out on uncut sheets that would match up with how we cut labels.

I assumed that if I simply made a template (OTT) and passed it around it would carry the label criteria with it, but that does not quite happen. I don’t see an external format file like the Template for the format. The only place I can see the label format data is in registrymodifications.xcu which does not look like a very sharable file.

To be clear, I want other persons to be able to choose File|New|Business Cards|Medium|Brand=“MyCompany” Type=“MyLableType” followed by New Document.


– Abs

The values for your label are stored in the file registrymodifications.xcu in your personal user profile. The information has two parts, one is the paper and label format and the other is the content of the label or business card.

The predefined labels/business cards are in the file labels.xml in <installation path>\share\labels\
So you would need to edit the labels.xml and exchange the existing file in the LibreOffice installation of the other people.

The structure of the information in labels.xml is described at the beginning of the file. You can copy the needed information from your registrymodifications.xcu. It is in a line starting with <item oor:path="/org.openoffice.Office.Labels/Manufacturer">. There is no distinction between labels and business cards for the size information.

Does your organization has got an IT-Team? If yes, they should be able to do this.

But the file labels.xml does only contain the size information, no content.

For the content, labels and business cards are different. For labels content is in the nodes <item oor:path="/org.openoffice.Office.Writer/Label/... and for business cards it is in the nodes <item oor:path="/org.openoffice.Office.Writer/BusinessCard/... in your registrymodifications.xcu.

I don’t know, whether it is possible to include content in predefined labels or business cards.

It might be a lot easier, to make a simple template, which has already the common content and some fields for the personal parts. If you look at the letter templates, you can see, how that works. To get the same content several times on one sheet, use sections, which depend on one “master” section.