Making footnotes

I’m transitioning from MSOffice to Libreoffice (I’m going to jump to Linux soon).

I usually make quotations, citations or footnotes (actually in libreoffice I use the last one, I don’t really know the difference), and it works okay but it looks like everything is part of the same text, I mean, you don see very good the diference between footnotes and the rest of the text. Is there anyway to put a little bar to differentiate the text and the footnotes? Am I doing bad, and should I use citations or bibliographic reference?

Thanks in advance

F11 Styles & Formatting window > paragrah tap (most left) > bottom window: all styles > select Footnote > right click > Modify > do you modifications > click Apply and all is changed as long as you did not use direct formatting.

For all items which are directly formatted, you need first to right click > Clear direct formatting.

I recommend to have a look at the free guides which you can download from

I really appreciate the help, as you can see I’m pretty new :S