Making longform content - show an outline/toc on the side that always stays there?

please just link to relevant steps that has pictures or gifs (gifs are far better)

  • such as guide/doc/wiki or a prior answer since this is likely commonly asked and needed info

or please show in steps:

am new

if not possible, please let me know

TOC/outline is defined with specific paragraph styles. To enter a paragraph in the outline, move the cursor inside then select one of Heading x from the paragraph style drop down menu in the toolbar. x is the level in the outline: 1 for chapter heading, 2 for subchapter, and so on.

For convenience, LO Writer has shortcut keys Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+5 for levels Heading 1 to Heading 5.

To show your outline, open the Navigator side pane: from menu View>Navigator, shortcut key F5 or click on the compass in the side panel.

Expand the outline tree view by clicking on the little triangle in front of Headings (no triangle if you have no Heading x paragraphs). You can even choose how many levels to show.

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  • is there a hotkey/shortcut instead of selecting via menu/UI?

  • please just link to the docs/wiki or a prior answer that has pictures that may already be on the web

  • there’s a bit too much additional terminology which is confusing. i also didnt use these terminologies

Shortcut key is F5 as mentioned in the answer

For terminology and tutorial, download the free Writer Guide from the documentation page

  • hotkey/shortcut question is referring to ‘from the paragraph style drop down menu in the toolbar’ part
  • docs are extensive and only need the relevant steps for this specific question
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Apart for the mentioned shortcut keys, the style drop-down menu has no built-in shortcuts because it can contain any number of custom styles with arbitrary names.

The Writer Guide is relatively well structured so that you can skip “not immediately relevant” chapters. However, you won’t be able to make profit of Writer features if you don’t read about its fundamental features which are quite different from M$ Word.

Using a new application always means an intellectual investment is necessary. This learning process is also associated with experimenting to see if you’ve understood what’s at stake and if the available features fit your expectation. You can’t discard this step.

Remember you can press F1 any time (or select menu Help>LibreOffice Help) to get very concise help (and this is really the contrary of “extensive”), but you’ll likely stumble on the “terminology barrier”.