Making Table from multiple tables

Table 1


Table 2


New Table


Question: How to…

  1. Want to see Data in Fields/columns from Table 1 & 2 (A & D ) in New table

  2. data, not just keys’ integers; want to see actual data

  3. would like data viewed as table, not query, form , etc.

  4. Some reason this was left out : Where A, B, C, D, E, F are fields/columns. in their respective Tables.

  5. Creating a many-to-many relationship only results in Primary and foreign key integers being displayed, and not the desired the data fields/columns

Other (response):

  • Using LibreOffice Base 7.05.2 (x64)
  • Windows 10

Elaboration: Objective is to have a table where the data from A ( Table 1 ) and B ( Table 2 ) can be matched and assigned to one another in New Table, rather then having to create query, form or whatever have you. So at this point in Data View, unable to input and display as desired-required.


New Table

  1. A (Product)___________D (Use)
  2. Water________________Thirst
  3. Water________________Hygiene
  4. Water________________Digestion
  5. Soap_________________Hygiene
  6. Shampoo_____________Hygiene
  7. Milk_________________Thirst

and so on

Would like to see A and D presented to view data. I agree, this resembles a kludge. But because of constant security breeches, intrusions, lack of legitimacy, support and coopertion, here I am making the best of it. Kludge is putting politely, if one knew or wanted to know a fraction of it. Hopefully changes will aid in explanation. Hopefully images is readable, as it repeatedly reduces its size upon upload.

The interface keeps resetting and leaving things out.

Embedded Database HSQLDB Embedded

There are few options for simple table creations in Base. Perhaps the problem is being over thought, overlooked ? I have tried to articulate my objective clearly. Yes, table is not created; it is “New”… .as the application is being developed. As for A & D related… .can such not be understood or extrapolated via the crude list, given the shortcoming of commutation available to us? What are we missing ? Thanks.

Challenges understanding and explaining a problem or objective would expected in a learning - assitance support forum, so on, no? Thanks.

Given the objective of the creation of New Table, and populated data presented (as in the crude table I was able to provide), are there not a few possibilities for resolution, or at least road to understanding such? Presented, being in the Table Data View for inputting data.

Surely, as to what is missing or to ensure this data integrity you allude to can be addressed/prevented, can be suggestively addressed rather then in a escalating kludge?

Thanks for now.

Perhaps a solution will come in time.

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Thanks, It is a simple enough objective; I am sure you all will be able to come up with a path toward understanding and a solution in time.

Sorry, but do not understand. What is A B C etc? Records? Fields? What is A D in new table? What DB are you using? LO version? OS?

Please be a lot more specific. Can’t see just what your thoughts are.

Please edit your question. Do not use an answer or another question.


There is no way to help without more information. What you present is less than adequate. Still do not know what database you are using - Base is NOT a database. Look on status line of main base screen. Center is database; left is connection type.

Creating a many-to-many relationship only results in Primary and foreign key integers being displayed, and not the desired the data fields/columns

There is something you are doing incorrectly if this is the case.

Also since you have tables already you must know their construction. So it is confusing as to why you have not presented some basic information. Each record needs a primary key. What is it or is it to be created? How is D related to A and can there be multiple of one or the other?

The entire idea of creating a new table from two others now seems to be because of another problem you are having. Possibly post the actual problem instead of asking for what appears to be a kludge.


First I have no want or desire of any of your personal information. I try to always remind people to not include any personal or confidential information when posting samples which I have not asked for here. What I have been asking for is information which is vital to answering the question.

Have asked twice already for database being used - now three. Still no reply. This can be important to how the SQL is created.

Have also asked for how A & D are related. Now the question asks to create a third table based upon two others. To me this means that table does not currently exist. So based upon your latest post where Water is to Thirst how does anyone know that? Could be Soil to Air is legit. No way to know.

Some help please.

Sorry, but there is no way, based upon information given, to create this third table. If I read table #1 and A = Water, there is no way , again based upon what you have provided, to know that I need to attach D = Thirst. Thirst could also be Milk - no way of knowing. Water could also be Hygiene. Is Milk Hygiene? It is not in the list. How about Wine? Is the list all encompassing?

There is nothing to be overthought or overlooked from what I see. Correct me if I am wrong. What Links the two? Even if everything links to everything then that is something. But even that seems incorrect as Soap would be Thirst? Right now there is nothing.

Or, and this makes little sense, is it the table 1 and 2 records match? So table 3 would contain:

1, 1, A, D
2, 2, A, D
3, 3, A, D

Wish you all the best in getting this answered.

A (Product)___________D (Use)

1, 3, Water, Thirst
1, 4, Water, Hygiene
1, 10, Water, Digestion
7, 4, Soap, Hygiene
6, 4, Shampoo, Hygiene
5, 3, Milk, Thirst

and so on

So I can actually see items, rather then just respective indices integers

Thanks in advance.

The only method I know of to accomplish this is for you to create these records one at a time. For any automation in getting the keys and data into this third table will require writing macros and probably using a form.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hopefully once I am done, it will be more normalized and eloquent.

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