Manipulating a finished product

I have an art and poem piece that I did in draw and write. It has a background, photo, and text in the finished product. After printing it, I found an error in the text. I want to edit but can’t “take apart” the work to manipulate it. What do I do?

If you saved the work as .odg and/or odt then editing is usually possible.
Did you export it as an image and delete the working document(s)? If so you might need to rebuild from new unless you are skilled in using GIMP to edit bitmap type images.

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Can you please upload the “finished product” and the “photo” here, to examine it?

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Tried to send photos but apparently I can’t due to the fact that I’m a new user. I’m actually not a new user but when I lost files on my old computer, I lost all kinds of stuff like passwords and user names and such. So I re-signed up for LibreOffice. Livin’ a nightmare right now. -:frowning:
Thanks for your help. It’s appreciated.

You would do better to add the file. As a new user I think you can upload one item a day, use the upload icon (up-pointing arrow). Note you can add some image types and also open document formats. If the site won’t accept your file then change the extension to .odt and say in the accompanying text what the original extension was.

If you can’t upload in a comment then click the pencil icon in your question to edit the question and add the file.

What type of file is it? Pdf, image, odg, etc.

If it is a PDF that you exported or printed to pdf then open Draw then click File - Open and navigated to the file and open the pdf. Edit the text save as odg then export as pdf

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