Manipulating columns

Hello ppl. I am kinda newb. Have a question that I dont know how to search. I am creating some spreadsheet in libre calc. Now I want to add sum of (e2:e7) next column (g2:g7) and so on every 2 columns… How can I write it in a formula like ((e+2)2:(e+2)7) ? So it repeat itself every second column E, G, I, K and so on?

So I get in 1 column sum of the every second column in other page. I know how it works if i do it one by one… but I have there more than 50 columns.

@Hiawatha - Calc, like any other spreadsheet provides a result only in the cell, which contains a formula. Therefore, with the formula for column E " =SUM(E2:E7)" you get the only result for E.

To automate the creation of sums for more than 50 columns you would need to write a macro. This requires time and knowledge about macros. Thus, you need to think about the time needed to write the macro or copy and paste above formula maybe 25 - 50 times. If all needs to be done only in one spreadsheet with “more than 50 columns”, I would simply make copy and paste the formula for each column for which I need the sum. In the case of more spreadsheets, you might be better of with a macro.

If there is no problem with having the formula also in columns F, H, J,… you can copy and paste the formula for all columns with about 5 clicks/keystrokes.

already realized it and copy/paste everything. Thanks anyway!