Manual column break label

v4.4.1.2, Win7 x64
I have a tabloid manually broken into 6 columns so that I can see 6 sections of source code and find the bug(s ;).

I have enough text: Can the “Manual column break” labels inserted at the head of Each column be removed?

“Help” informs us that there is a “Manual column break” indicator:
“A manual column break is indicated by a nonprinting border at the top of the new column.”

Why is a text label, in addition, the default, and can I remove it?


That calls for another question: Is it possible to add an image/snip to my posts here?

Important features may need redundancy–and I can’t think of any that exist, right now–but such a simple need for a column break doesn’t need the over kill of both the “non-printing border at the top of the new column” AND a text label indicating the same.

That kind of feature should be auxiliary, perhaps when more than one person is managing the document.

However, why do I need even one reminder, when I’m formatting the doc. I don’t recall when this redundant annoyance was added, distracting me, adding to all of the additional distractions:

I bought Scrivener, but have stayed with LO. Does this evolutionary direction mean that I will have to manage more distractions from my writing and concentration? Is that the implicit message: LO is only for “offices,” writers look elsewhere?


To the best of my knowledge you cannot remove the text label. The additional text label allow to recognition of the origin of the break column break or page break.

Perhaps disable the option:

Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/General - Extended tips or Tips

can help.

Thanks for considering: I tried following your offer, and unfortunately it did not seem to have an effect or relation that I can discern to this “feature.”

Untick Options > ?? > Appearance > Section Boundaries > Page and column breaks …