Manually reinstall language pack in Ubuntu

I have some trouble with the spelling check in LO.
To test if the same problem exist in LO 5.1 I’ve manually installed CR1 of 5.1 (incl langpack) and here the problems are fixed.
Now I want to reinstall the language pack of version (Ubuntu 14.04) and (Ubuntu 15.10). but when reinstalling it via Ubuntu Software Center it does not solve the problem

When installing it via sudo dpkg -i /DEBS/*.deb I get dependency errors…

Has anyone a clue?

LO is designed to upgrade, not to migrate to a lower level. You do not say what language you are having problems with, or what the problems are. However I hope this will point you a little way along your problem.

LO 4.x and LO 5.x share the same configuration folder home/yourname/.config/libreoffice so you should back this up before doing anything else. If you have already installed LO 5.1 CR1 you must un-install this before trying to re-install a lower level of LO. Also I suggest you remove if you wish to install LO 4.x on the same machine. Then you will need to re-install the complete version of LO you need, first the main package and then the language pack to make certain you have all the dependencies.

LO is now quite old. I myself would install 4.4, but that is your choice.
Hope this helps …Peter