Margins resetting whole document

How do I reset the margins throughout the whole document

There are two kind of margins: the sheet margins defined in page styles and additional margin space defined as indents in paragraph styles.

Please edit your question to explain what you want to do.

Meanwhile, you can adjust the following settings after displaying the style side pane with F11 or Styles>Styles & Formatting

Page margins

If you’re a beginner, it is likely that your document uses only one page style, i.e. the default one known as Default Style.

  • Click on the fourth icon in the style pane toolbar, the one with a small page on it (Page Styles when you hover the mouse on it). This will display the list of page styles.
  • Right-click on Default style and select Modify
  • The margin settings are in the Page tab. Change as you like.

Paragraph "indents"

You may have given some paragraphs extra space at left or right to make them outstand from the surrounding text.

If you did that with the small triangles in the horizontal rulers, this is called direct formatting and overrides settings in the paragraph styles. Consequently, you must adjust the indents manually.

You can act on several paragraphs at once provided you select them first (easy if they are consecutive; use multiple selection with Cntrl if they are not consecutive). Moving the triangles will affect the whole selection.

If you did that with paragraph styles:

  • Click on the first icon in the style pane toolbar, the one with an inverted P (a pilcrow; Paragraph Styles when hovering).
  • Right-click on the common paragraph style (likely to be Default Style, though not recommended, or Text Body)
  • The indents settings are in the Indents & Spacing tab.

There is no need to select first the paragraphs here, because modifying the paragraph style applies immediately to all marked paragraphs (provided no direct formatting shadows the changes).

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