Mass delete or deleting pages in LibreOffice Writer

Mass delete or deleting pages in LibreOffice Writer

Is there a function to mass delete or pages? For example - Pages to Delete 1 - 35 and click submit delete

If not available, can this function be added into LibreOffice Writer?

No, I think you can not delete pages. The existing text is continuous text and depending on the formatting (font size etc.) you have more or less text per page.

If you want to erase pages 1 to 35, place the cursor on the first page in the upper left corner before the first character. Scroll down or click on the current page number in the status bar. In the dialog box, specify for page = 35 and OK. In page 35 hold the Shift key and click at the end of the text until you want to delete it. Press the “Remove” button.


For a large number of pages to be deleted we can use a kind of “fatplan” display (page by page representation in miniature):

Menu ViewZoomZoomView Layout to increase the number of columns.

I show this technique in a short video (in french) at 01:30.