Master-Child links not relative.

I have several master - child files that I use at work. When I need to work at home, I copy the files, master and children(in same directory structure) to a usb. At home, when I open the master, all links to the children are absolute links, ie “file:\\X:\NetworkDirectory\MyDirectory\MasterDirectory\ChildDirectory\ChildFile.odt” , and not “file:\.\ChildDirectory\ChildFile.odt”. This is true for both my Windows7 box and my OpenSUSe13.1 box. Both are using LO4.2. Is there a setting I need to have relative links, and not absolute?

Not relevant??? OK, outdated, but still relevant. Working on master-child format, have to transport files between devices including accessing on computers in the same network. On my machine, child file links are absolute and not relative. When a co-worker opens master on his machine, all links are red.

Can we get some help with this?

But it’s you who closed this with that reason! “Closed for the following reason … by joseph_robert_martinez”

“Automatically closed as being outdated,” as I probably did not get a response nor update the status of this question. But the question remains, is there a way to have the links relative and not absolute?