Master document doesn't understand "%20"


I tried creating a Master document from an existing document using “Send.” When I did, I had two problems:

1- The process hanged and I had to kill it. It created ten documents (numbered 0-9) and then failed.

MY QUSTION: Is that because there is a limit of 10 file when creating a master document using File > Send?

2- When I hover the mouse over the file name in the Navigator pane, any space character in the path appears as “%20.” The “balloon” that appears says “File not found.” In the .ODM viewer, I don’t see the content. However, when I click on the file name, it opens normally. So the file is there, in the correct location, but the ODM document is unable to show the content.

If I open the section browser with right-click “Edit Section” then use the Browse button to select the file again, the content of the file displays properly. Then, when I hover over the file names in the Navigator, the “%20” have disappeared and are replaced by " ".

My Question: Is this a known problem? AM I doing something wrong?



P.S. Bonus question: is it possible to give a format to the file names? e.g. I prefer to have files numbers XX-filename.odt instead of filenameX.odt.

OK, I found the problem.

For some reason, the content.xml file in the document says:

<text:section text:style-name="Sect1" text:name="04-Vitual.odt" text:protected="true">
    <text:section-source xlink:href="../04-Vitual.odt" text:filter-name="Text"/>

I changed it to:

<text:section text:style-name="Sect1" text:name="04-Vitual.odt" text:protected="true">
    <text:section-source xlink:href="../04-Vitual.odt" text:filter-name="writer8"/>

and the problem resolved itself. I’m not sure why it happens, though. I’ll log a bug report.