master document navigator insert option not coming?

In master document’s navigator pane no insert link option is appeared. what can i do?

Please elaborate a bit. What do you want to do? How do you do it presently? What is not working?

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Same problem has happened to me.
The “original” Navigator we would like is shown in this video, at the 5:55 mark.

That window (the original one) shows multiple options as mentioned in the Help pages on this link.

EDIT: I’m on Windows10 and I’m running at the moment LibreOffice with this build.

EDIT 2021-03-31: I uninstalled LibreOffice version 7. I then installed version 6.4.7. The Navigator window worked as before. I then uninstalled version 6.4.7. I then installed the latest version 7.1.1, and the Navigator window returned to the “correct” one.
As a possible WORKAROUND: I found that in both version 6.4.7 and version 7.1.1 users can still “drag and drop” documents into the Navigator window.