Master document/sections

So I’ve set my templates up to be “modular”. The question is, can the links be made so they are relative and NOT link back to my templates
Scenario, so I can reuse the same information in multiple files as I copy structure from project to project … more elegant way? I’m not proficient with databases :(. The intent is to open a template (ott) and be able to save it into a project folder wit the other linked otts saving into the project folder. If the links between the document and the link is relative, then I can just copy my files

I’m using the same (templates) for consistency

Proposal → scope (template) → terms (template) → etc. all saved into the project folder
contract → scope (template) → terms (template) → etc. all saved into the project folder
sub-contract → scope (template) → terms (template) → etc. all saved into the project folder

Can you edit your question and reword it so that we can understand it?

Your title is contradictory with the description. Master documents are not the same as templates. Is your question about master/sub-docs (and not sections which are in LO parlance another thing)? Is it about templates?

Which links are you talking about? (Re: links be made so they are relative and NOT link back to my templates)

@ajlittoz From other questions, its not possibe…even use of the header 1 to propagate did not work. As I played with it today, I realized that the modularity helped me. A little more work, but quickly reorganized with up to 10 sections. This was for sections and master documents.

Note, these are my template files that I set up with sections/master documents depending on the # of sections and others can now work on their portions.

Don’t answer unless this is a solution to your problem. AskLO is “Question & Answer” site, not a forum. There is nothing like a conversation (only comments are a poor substitute for it).

“From other questions”: which ones? Provide link(s) to them.

“it’s not possible”: what?

“Sections”: are you using this word in its common sense of part of a document or as a Writer concept of a part with its own layout, different from the current page style (Insert>Section)?

Please be descriptive enough to help others to help yourself.

@ajittoz This was my answer. I reorganized them by hand as it was NOT possible to do it otherwise, even using the header propagation feature

Sections was the literal Insert Sections. Larger document templates used the Master Document feature and the smaller ones I’m using Sections (ones I control)

If you came to a solution, for community benefit, edit both your question to explain the problem in a way anybody can understand and your answer to make it a step-by-step procedure.

What is the “header propagation feature”?

What is the purpose of your sections? To format 2-column in a 1-column page? Note this is the “only” reason to use sections in a Writer document.