Master pages with different page sizes

I have a Draw document (LO with 2 master pages in A4 format. I try to change the size of just one of the master pages through View → Master, select the master page I want to change, Format → Page and select A3… and the two master pages change their size.

Is it possible to change the size of just one master page?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Create another style in F11 window and found no page style in master page.

I do thank you, multiple “page style” is useful, or I don’t get the way to have both horizontal/ vertical layout.

But why a different page size - go to create another document please…

@afcinza Very interesting question. But did you create the second master page in the same Draw document?

As far as I can see Draw - in contract to Writer - has no page styles in the styles menu.

When I do
View / Master / add master page /
select the second master page
Format / page / landscape

both pages in the master view change orientation. This is more or less equivalent to what afcinza is reporting.

I feel an enhancement request should be written to have more than 1 page styles.

Opinions please.

Here’s the link to file an enhancement bug :slight_smile:

@qubit1 - Thanks for the link… I hoped someone else files an enhancement request. One day the devs find out my real identity and go after me… just because I filed too many enhancement requests… In a few days I do my best if nobody is (hopefully) faster than em and published the enhancemt (bug) number here

@ROSt53 – no worries :slight_smile: I was just including the link for @afcinza as the OP. I’m sure you can find your own way to the bugtracker…probably even blindfolded :slight_smile:

I, too, have found this to be a problem, and would like to see an enhancement.