Master: problem with numbering

I’m making a master document with several existing documents as sub-documents with LO
and follow directions in Working with Master Documents and Subdocuments - LibreOffice Help
when I use what is stated in “To Start Each Subdocument on a New Page”, as a side effect
I also get each subdocument page numbering re-started at page 1 in the master document.

How do I either get consecutive page numbers in the master document or
a combined Chpt. - Page numbering?
I would prefer not to modify the individual documents, as they also have separated lives…

I recommend you to look into the Help file or the help wiki. There is a possiblity to have page number continuing from 1 until the last page of the entire document.

Could you be more specific? Where in the help file? I’m asking because I could not find it in the

@alobo - This was my problem. I did not have much time to do search myself. I only cannot imagine that it is not possible to get numbers from page 1 until the end without a restart at each sub-document.

Please have a look at
you still might find others

Check the “page style” for the first page of each of your sub-documents. The page style is probably set to start renumbering at 1.

You also need to make sure that both the sub-documents and the master-document are using the same TEMPLATE (so they have the same definitions of styles).

You can look at the styles by clicking F11. The little icons at the top allow you switch among viewing paragraph, character, page… styles. Click on the one for Page Styles. The one for the current page should be highlighted. Right-click on it and choose “Modify” (you don’t need to actually change anything) to see how it is defined. Browse a little and you’ll find where page numbering is specified.