Match - use a string incorporating a cell reference

I want to match this string: [nnnn]*, nnnn is a number held in cell A5 so I would use match like this:

=MATCH("[1301]*", B5:B40,0)

This returns 20 correctly.
I can’t work out how to replace this “[1301]*” so that the number, in this case 1301, is obtained from cell A5.

Can you help? Thank you.

=MATCH("["&A5&"]*", B5:B40,0)

Should work if you don’t need leading zeroes, or if A5 contains a “number as text” without leading/trailing spaces.

If you need something “robust”, the TEXT() and TRIM() functions can be useful additions to the formula for eliminating input errors.

Thank you, I thought I might need to use CONCATENATE and wasn’t sure about using wildcards

Very pleasing have now used with range names and named range like this:

=INDEX(list_ProcessName, MATCH("["&D4&"]*",list_ProcessName,0))

where list_ProcessName is a a named range. Unfortunately it seems not to work with an external file ref.

Thank you again!