Math displays Emojos when operators entered

I am using Libreoffice and Windows 10 and have just noticed an interesting artefact when using Math. Math has been working properly in older versions of Libreoffice and Widows but I do not know at which update this started happening.

When entering some operators they get translated to emojs. The following markup gives the following output:

{ "+ translates to " + } Newline

{ "/ translates to " / } Newline

{ "+_ translates to " +_ } Newline

gives the following output:

A letter

An American letter box

A target sign

Plus lots of clock faces. There are others but brevity dictates

This is, of course, extremely annoying, breaks compatibility with older documents and makes Math unusable…

What is going on here?


It is likely that you have lost the font OpenSymbol for whatever reason. Get it from hier and install it. With the next start of LibreOffice the Math formulas should be correct then.