Math: export formula to Mediawiki syntax on the fly

I would like see the existing export filter to Mediawiki implemented directly into Math in order to express formulae in Mediawiki syntax on the fly, i.e. simply output the Mediawiki-LaTex code.

Reasoning: The mark-up used by Mediawiki is easily manageable for text (plus there are good tools to ease their usage). However, the LaTex used for math formulae is much harder to handle. Personally, I craft formulae in Writer and then export them to Mediawiki syntax. It would be great if that procedure could be simplified by eliminating the need to save the formula in an exported text file which needs to be opened in order to get to the code.

That way, LibreOffice could become a very valuable formula editor tool for Mediawiki; something which certainly is missing at present. Furthermore, it seems that there is not too much that needs to be produced anew as there is a functional work-flow fully integrated into LibreOffice already.

Many thanks and much respect to all the people involved into this great project!