Math Export to PDF

Hi, Been recommended to download libre to help write some formulas in math. When I convert pdf I get a pdf I don’t want, see attached image (ie I just want to see preview window rather than loads of code written over it). Can anyone help solve this?

Also attached my code if there is an issue with that. Question 2 Part A.odf

Math is not intended to be used as standalone application, but as a complement to add mathematical formulae as objects to other LibreOffice documents.

Prepare the main text in Writer and insert individual Math objects, one for each formula, with Insert → Object → Formula.

Ahh got it. Got it to work now doing that. Thank you

Using standalone Math is fine, for PDF one needs to use File → Export as PDF …. That it gives unexpected results with this particular document seems to be a bug. I suggest to submit a bugreport and attach the test case document.

I had the same problem as a math teacher desiring to save the output only as PDF.
It seems to work using “print as PDF” instead of “save as PDF”.

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