Math: How to write dθ properly in an integral

Good Afternoon

I am trying to write integrals with dθ in Math (LibreOffice version However, there is too much space inserted between the “d” and the “theta”. I am writing this as “d%theta”. This problem does not occur with Latin characters, but it does with Greek ones.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance forr your advice/assistance.

Stephen Meatheringham
Canberra, Australia

Did you try inserting a plain Greek θ instead of %theta?

Try with

nospace {d%theta}

Thanks. But it doesn’t look an awful lot better. There is still too much space. However, if I cut and paste an actual Greek theta (θ) into the equation then it works quite well. Interesting, and probably a minor bug.

Remember that you can change between Unicode codes and the actual glyph anywhere in LibO with the Alt X shortcut: type 03b8 and press Alt X to get a θ.

And consider the use of TexMaths extension to write proper mathematical expressions using a LaTeX or XeTeX engine.