Max recommended file size or page count in Writer

Is there a recommended maximum file size or page count in Writer?

I have two songbooks (lyrics only), one Country and the other Gospel. As you might guess, a considerable amount of time has gone into these. The Gospel book is pushing 400 pages (397, to be exact) and current file size is 200K. The Country book is smaller at 135K and 275 pages. Each book contains an alphabetical index, in case that would make any difference. Am I asking for unexpected problems/file corruption/whatever, or is there perhaps no recommended maximum size?

I should add that I am not currently experiencing any problems, but would just like to know if a risk exists or if there is a recommendation for avoiding any possible upcoming ‘gotchas.’

There is no need to worry.
I have a 476 page manual which I am happy to say, I downloaded.
Runs fine.

As Tinkerer indicates, a file of this size should pose no issue. The limit to file handling is generally memory. The answer here provides some statistics for large(r) file handling i.e., the Writer Guide, which contains numerous embedded objects. Another answer here provides some statistics for large(r) plain-text file handling. I have also stress tested Calc v4.2 up to 5.8GB of RAM usage, so it would seem LO is quite capable of handling very large files in native formats.