May I use LibreOffice Writer in Ubuntu 18.04?

May I use LibreOffice Writer in Ubuntu 18.04?

The point is that I’m trying to avoid a bug (Bug 105913) which is there with LO 5.3 (in Ubuntu 17.10) and LO (in Ubuntu 18.04).
(My previous question explains the problem here.)

Is it possible to use LibreOffice Writer in Ubuntu 18.04?

If you install as parallel you can do that for several versions… Parallel installation needs around double the disk space but works similar to “regularly” installed versions. Be aware that your office profile can be saved in another location than the normal LibreOffice version. Usually you may install into you home directory. The installation files can be downloaded from this site: Index of /libreoffice/old

Before you start the parallel installed version you should alter the bootstraprc file; otherwise your regular office profile will be taken as the given one. This can sometimes lead to distortion.

More information and howto:


Thanks a lot, @Grantler. I’ve completely uninstalled LibreOffice (all instances) from my Ubuntu 18.04 (using the command line) and then installed LibreOffice from the package link you referred to. In addition, I’ve downloaded and installed the language pack and the help pack (for Bengali language) from the same source. Now, the “Show Applications” (in the dock) is showing all the LibreOffice software; and the “Software Centre” also is showing them under the “Installed” tab. [ctd]

[ctd] But LibreOffice is not running when I click on any one of them. It’s just starting to run and then disappearing. When I run the libreoffice5.1 command from the terminal [srn@SRN-HP-ENVY-4-Notebook-PC:~$ libreoffice5.1], it gives the following Application Errors : [ONE] javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment! [TWO] Warning: failed to read path from javaldx [THREE] Gtk-Message: 00:25:02.605: Failed to load module “canberra-gtk-module”. [ctd]

[ctd] Then I installed default JRE ( Java Runtime Environment) and OpenJDK (following these instructions:…). But still, it is giving me the same message (in the terminal) as above. [ctd]

[ctd] One development is: The Gtk-Message has gone now after I installed the gtk module with this command line: sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtk-module.

The other two "Application Errors, that is, javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment! and Warning: failed to read path from javaldx still persist.

Feeling so perplexed. (I’m less than a novice actually.)

Any idea?

Please dear, could you help me in this regard? @Grantler

Anybody else, please?