MBP 2016 model: latest Libre office becomes unresponsive for a few minutes at a time.

Hi, our company has a large number of Apple devices; most of them are MacBook Air’s. We have one MacBook Pro Retina 2016 model which is having some issues with Libre where all LibreOffice windows will become unresponsive and you cannot do anything with it.

The windows can be minimised and restored, you can still see the contents of each Libre Office window, however, you cannot click or do anything on the windows until the program becomes responsive again. I have never seen this issue before. She is on the latest version as the software updater finds no updates. Have searched the forum but found nothing so far regarding this.


What OS is installed? Is it only one document or all that are opened? Have you tried temporarily replacing the user information to see if that will fix the problem?

@Blanksheet, The MBP is an early 2016 model running OS X 10.11 (not OS Sierra, 10.12). The whole suite locks up, however, the laptop can still be used for other programs. What I noticed in the Activity monitor is that Libra office’s CPU load would shoot up to 120+ in the %CPU column for the whole time that its unresponsive leading me to thing that something is causing the software to go into overdrive and lockup.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Libre in the meantime. Waiting game, now.

Bump!. pls