Media Playback Repeat not working in Impress

I’m waiting since ages for a solution to this problem.
There is no way for me to get a video to loop back to the beginning once it reaches the end.
This is a very important feature for my presentations and please, help me to solve this problem.

LibreOffice on Win10

This site is not suitable for bug reporting as it provide help about using LibreOffice in day to day work. Problem you mention is probably bug so you should comment on it on Bugzilla as this is a known bug. Commenting can indicate how many users are affected and how important that feature is as every user has it’s one vision about it. Commenting might help to bring some attention to it.

Just keep in mind that comments and user names are public and can’t be removed once posted. That might mean other can see your e-mail address, too.

Good luck!