Medium font effect question

Mac OS Monterey 12.5

Font: Dante Std OTF
Font from
Installed through Font Book (no alerts)
Files: Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic, Medium, & Medium Italic

I’m using a font face that has a bunch of font effects, including a “medium.” How do I find this in a drop-down or modifier applet?

I looked in Character applet that comes up after right-clicking the text and see only regular, bold, italic, and bold italic.

I’m using Dante Std MT, btw.



If you really hope for help, help us to understand the problem by editing your question. Be kind to contributor by not using a comment and improving the question so that all needed information is at a single location.

First, OS name and LO version.
Next where did you get the font? What type of font is it? TTF or OTF? Is it a free or commercial font? Has it been installed correctly in the OS? How many files are there in the family?

See also: tdf#35538