Mendeley: Word to LibreOffice

I wrote a document in Word, and have many citations in it that I made using the Mendeley citation plugin for Word. I am now editing that same document in LibreOffice, and am using the Mendeley citation plugin for LibreOffice. I can add new citations, but it does not allow me to edit the citations that I made in Word. Is there a solution to this?



And do the new citations remain editable in the same document (assuming you are still working with aWord format) after save-and-reload? I suppose that we only can deal with storing/reading extended plugin information in ODF.

Dear Mike, I’m following this up since I bilieve i have same issue. The answer to your question is yes, the fields newly inserted to ODF file are editable. So it definitely smth in conversion/import.
The conversion LibreOffice to word works fine. It does pop out a notice to import missing new references and they become editable.
Help would be much appreciated.


Has this question been answered? I’m having the exact same problem, started in Word and now editing in LibreOffice…and I didn’t get any pop-up to import missing new references when I installed LibreOffice.